Welcome to SolCraft


Welcome to the SolCraftverse, a land of magic and fantasy where you have been summoned by your ancient ancestors to the realm of Solania. Your destiny before you is to save multiple ancient races from complete annihilation and assist them in gathering up enough Solanite to protect them from the inevitable war against the dark forces of the Morata (Gods of Chaos, Evil and Darkness)

SolCraft is the first P2E game of its kind within the Solana Blockchain NFT ecosystem. We’ve combined Fantasy P2E Action-RTS gameplay with modern game-fi earning/reward systems. We identified (early) the lack of blockchain games that were attractive to traditional gamers, modern NFT gamers, NFT collectors and passive income investors, therefore we created SolCraft as the solution to fill this void.

At SolCraft our goal is to cater to a wider audience demographic who have multiple options to play even if they have minimal time to invest due to busy schedules.

SolCraft have a well versed and cross-skilled team that cover all critical pillars and vertices to ensure the delivery of a quality project from launch to execution of each roadmap phase.

Prior to launch of our Alpha release, holders have been given the chance to mine our token $SLN through NFT staking as a reward for early adoption of our genesis collection of Dwarf Miners.

The purpose of the NFT Staking is to distribute $SLN to our community of gamers, collectors and investors as a reward for early adoption and enable them to become more involved with the game and vote on game decisions via verified community consensus.

SolCraft are pioneering a new type of utility in the blockchain gaming space through the launch of our multi-utility land management system. Players can obtain land that will be part of the Solania World Map which is made up of 4 Biomes: Forest, Desert, Ice Lands and Volcano. Each land plot will have its own rarity that will dictate the yield of $SLN that can be mined. The rarer the land the higher the yield however there are also variables such as the mining power of the Dwarfs who will mine that land. Landlords can adjust the land tax from 0% to 20% and also hold private mining events. Landlords will also be able to incentivize players to mine their lands by placing NFT’s into random blocks that can be mined through the miners' luck.

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